2. Tunis Carthage Airlines Terms and Conditions :

Introduction : Your use of the Tunis Carthage Virtual Airlines website and any TCA products, software, data feeds and services, provided to you on or from or through the Website by TCA is subject to the terms of a legal agreement between you and TCA.

The Terms apply to all users of TCA website, including users who are also contributors of Content, including the text, software, scripts, graphics, photos, sounds, music, videos, audiovisual combinations, interactive features and other materials you may view on, access through or contribute with, in anyway. 
"the Website" referres to TCA's official website : http://www.tca-va.org 


2.1. Tunis Carthage Airlines is a registered virtual airline, governed by a non-profit organisation  TCA NPO, under the Tunisian law, including its Website.

Using our Website and services means you fully accept the TCA Terms and Conditions. If you don’t accept them, and feel free to exit.


2.2. All materials published on the Website are protected by both Tunisian and International copyright laws, and may not be reproduced, republished, distributed, transmitted, resold, displayed, broadcast, or otherwise exploited in any manner without the express written permission of the Tunis Carthage Airlines Executive and (if applicable) the respective licensors of the content. You may download freely accessible material from this Website for your personal and noncommercial use only, without altering or removing any trademark, copyright, or other notice from such material. All the Website content is licensed and protected under Tunisian and International Laws.


2.3. The one and unique responsible of all contents and materials in Tunis Carthage Virtual Airlines Website, and the Virtual Airline overall, is its CEO. He entirely assumes all responsibilities in DIRECT relation with Tunis Carthage Airlines.


2.4. Tunis Carthage Airlines is an airline based on aviation passion and share. Therefore, it is required to respect the minimum of moral and ethical rules. TCA STAFF reserves the right to remove any member and/or ban him from flying with the TCA name, if considered as a threat and/or nuisance to the TCA environment.


2.5. In order to maintain the “ACTIVE” status, every pilot MUST be able to perform at least one flight per 20 days. If no flights are logged by a pilot for more than 20 days, he will be contacted by the Human Resources Director, if not responding, the pilot will be marked as “INACTIVE”. If a pilot has been inactive for more than 3 months, he will get himself sacked from the VA. After at least six months of membership, the pilot may request from TCA HRD a “LEAVE” of maximum 90 days.


2.6. Tunis Carthage Virtual Airline is an officially registered IVAO™ and vaCentral virtual airline; we therefore strongly recommend that flights are done online. However, they’re accepted if flown offline.


2.7. The hours flown with Tunis Carthage Airlines Callsign , and submitted with a valid PIREP by each pilot, are placed on the page pilotroster according to the following rules:

§ Each pilot’s rated grade corresponding to the number of hours he has flown.
  • § The hours taken in other virtual airlines, associations, etc., are not taken into account.
  • § Crew Experience points.


2.8. A suspension from active duty, relegation to a lower rank, deduction of Crew Experience Points and/or experience hours may be taken as a disciplinary decision by TCA Executive if the pilot fails to follow the TCA published rules, shows a lack of discipline/respect and acts inappropriately in the TCA community.


2.9. The pilot must provide his full real name, birth and city/country of residence.  All your personal information will be kept in secret and secured database, accessible only by TCA staff. We will not share them with anyone, under any circumstances. Besides, every pilot may request access to/removal of his personal data.


2.10. The TCA Board of Governors preserves the right to change entirely/partially the airlines policies, terms and conditions and/or procedures. However, modifying TCA NPO's articles will only take place after the General Assembly's approval, in accordance with its legal status. Any modification will be announced of the Website, forum and through NOTAMs. Thus, consulting the official TCA communication services is the members’ responsibility.


2.11. The TCA Staff stays available for any kind of suggestion, questions, criticism or complaint. Please feel free to contact us via all available means.  Provided you are an active or on-leave pilot, you will constantly receive airline NOTAM and updates.